Effects of Process Parameters on the Electrophorotic Deposition of B4C Particulates on Nickel Substr

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G. Günkaya, H. Kurama

The production of composite materials based on the second phase hard particles dispersed or deposited
on metallic substrate is gaining importance for potential engineering application. In this study,
electrophoretic deposition of B4C particles on nickel substrate was carried out at various voltage-time
values. In order to determine the effect of medium on the deposition, the solution was prepared by
different mediums and their effect on the stabilization was discussed. According to morphologic analyses,
it was found that deposition of B4C particles on Ni surface has been occurred for all concerned
applied voltage even at 10 V. However for lower voltage values, it requires prolonged deposition
times. It was also observed that thickness of the deposited layer beneficially affected from the applied
voltage, nevertheless the increase on the voltage resultant with un-favorable influence on surface,
these are become heterogeneous and the electrolysis of water cause leak-like defects on the surface

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