Arsenic in Dust from the Blast Furnace Hall of ISP Process of Zn and Pb Production

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Dr. Katarzyna Nowińska, Prof. Zdzisław Adamczyk

The subject of study was the dust from the shaft furnace used for the pyrometallurgical process of
zinc (Zn) and lead (Pb) production at the Miasteczko Śląskie Metallurgical Plant (Poland). At this
stage of the technological process, a reduction of Zn and Pb oxides to liquid Pb and Zn vapours
takes place. In chemical terms, this dust contains mainly Zn and Pb, which jointly account for more
than 90 wt.-%. The third element in terms of content was arsenic (As), the concentration of which
reached an average of more than 1 wt.-%. This element is contained mainly in oxide phases and
alloys and less frequently in other dust phases. Due to the high content of Zn and Pb, this dust is
returned to the process as a component of oxidising the roasting feed mixture. However, the content
of As and other components can increase at the cost of Zn and Pb. Arsenic in the dust from the fabric
filter of the shaft furnace is present in oxides and alloys of ZnO and PbO because it is probably
melted and with ZnO and/or PbO in the technological process in the form of alloys.

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