Recovery of scandium from processing of oxidized nickel ores wastes

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Vladimir Rychkov, Evgeny Kirillov, Sergey Kirillov, Grigory Bunkov, Maxim Botalov, Denis Smyshlyaev, Kseniia Gortsunova, Aslanbek Taukin

One of the possible sources of scandium production – wastes (slags) from processing of oxidized nickel ores, has been considered in present research work. The hydrometallurgical method has been selected as the primary for scandium extraction. Different reagents for leaching of scandium, such as sulfuric acid, various carbonate salts and fluorides, have been examined. Sulfuric acid has been recognized as an optimal leaching reagent. Sulfuric acid concentration at 100 g/l allowed to extract the scandium at 97 %.

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