Discussion on Copper Matte Continuous Converting

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Li Chunmeng, Shen Dianbang, Bai Wen

At present, Peirce-Smith converters with periodic operation are still adopted in copper matte converting
process of most countries. For the disadvantages of severe low-level-pollution and instability
of flue gas composition, many researchers worked on continuous converting processes of copper
matte, such as semi continuous converting furnaces, bottom blowing continuous converting
furnaces and continuous converting furnaces. Examples are the continuous converting furnace of
Jinfeng Copper Co. Ltd. [2] in China, Top Submerged Lance Smelting process of Ausmelt in Australia,
non submerged blowing continuous converting furnace of Mitsubishi in Japan, continuous
converting furnace of Noranda in Canada and flash converting furnace of Outotec, Finland at
Kennecott,USA . According to relevant information, this paper gives a brief comparison and review
on the technical characteristics of the above blowing processes.

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