Microstructure and properties of ultra high strength high-alloyed and quasi-equiatomic Cu-Al-Mn allo

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Igor Altenberger, Stefanie Heinrichs, Hans-Achim Kuhn

The ternary system Cu-Al-Mn is known for its diverse technological applications. Cu-Al-Mn alloys
have experienced widespread applications as functional or smart materials such as Shape-Memory
alloys, Heusler alloys for magnetic applications or alloys with high damping capacity.
In the present contribution, results on an ultra high strength Cu-Al-Mn alloy as well as quasiequiatomic
Cu-Al-Mn are outlined and discussed. The microstructure and mechanical properties of
CuAl21Mn21 were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction as well as
indentation and compression tests. Cast as well as isothermally forged conditions were investigated
and compared to copper based metallic glass as an ultra high strength benchmark material. Furthermore,
the effect of heat treatment on strength and ductility was investigated. The results demonstrate
that CuAl21Mn21 is a relatively light and economic ultra high strength copper alloy with excellent
high temperature behavior and wear properties. Even higher strength at elevated temperature
can be achieved by quasi-equiatomic Cu-Al-Mn composition. Finally, the properties of Cu-Al-Mn
alloys as damping materials are outlined briefly and exemplary results are discussed.

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