Advances in FeNi Rotary Kiln Linings

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Christine Wenzl, Bernhard Handle, Nestor Garcia

The rotary kiln is one of the main components in the traditional RKEF FeNi production route,
namely the combination of pre-reduction in the rotary kiln (RK) and final reduction and smelting in
the electric furnace (EF). Rotary kilns are lined with refractory materials, typically alumina-based
bricks and/or castables. As commonly known among experts, refractory linings are subject to a
combination of different wear factors, namely chemical, mechanical and thermal, the main factors
varying over the kiln length and the respective process zones. Refractory wear and repair intervals
are decisive factors for kiln availability and the overall production process. The present paper describes
recent RHI projects for FeNi rotary kiln linings, aiming at prolonged lining lifetime in highly
stressed kiln areas and accelerating refractory installation.

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