Operation of LIBS elemental analysers for inline analysis of aluminium scrap and industrial products

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Christian Bohling, Angelika Feierabend, Jens-Uwe Günther, Andreas John, Alexander Singer, Lothar Cordts

The current progress in the field of recycling means: application of modern recycling technologies to
complex material flows. By using innovative process and analytical technology, an objective assessment
of the material is now possible in almost any stage of the recycling process. Economically and
ecologically particularly the recycling of aluminium and other metals makes sense, as these materials
often spend the recycling loop without loss of quality.
A measurement method with a high potential to solve such problems can be found in the LIBS technology.
LIBS mean “Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy” and is a laser spectroscopic measuring method
which analyses the elemental composition of materials. The field of use of these applications was mainly
concentrated in the field of science and research until a few years. The development of efficient and robust
lasers caused an establishing of this technology in the industrial production environment.

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